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Tania Drogossi

Painting - Printmaking

Although looking at a painting through categorizations can leave cracks where its essence often escapes, it can be said that in Tania Drogosi's painting there are traces of realism and expressionism that serve her subject matter. It is perhaps the way to infiltrate the expression of emotions in a work that is anthropocentric and even a description of the search for the imprint of nature or man on the landscape. It is on the latter that her most recent painting activity focuses.

In this painterly journey, which at times creatively engages even the accidental in the canvas, she tries to convey the earthly texture through the coexistence of colours, shades with acrylics, but also different materials with mixed techniques with collage, building materials, charcoal and pastels. There is also no shortage of watercolours, pastes and watercolour-like watercolours.

Finally, another visual activity she has been involved with lately is printmaking. In particular, her interest is focused on etching and techniques such as sugar ink, etching and tonal etching (watercolour).

She has participated in many exhibitions in Greece and abroad.